Monthly Archives: May 2013

Baby Aubri

I love my clients, and I’m glad that they often love me back enough that they refer me to their family and friends. It’s so much fun to get to know entire families through cousins, siblings, grandparents…it makes the sessions even nicer when it feels like you’re catching up with old friends. Baby Aubri is […]

Baby Warren is Six Months Old!

I really love it when I have a scheduled Grow Up Plan on the books and I get to see one of these awesome kids grow up right before my eyes and in the images I make. This particular family is a special case because I have been photographing both of their children since their […]

May at Big Sid’s Sanctuary

For those of you who may not have noticed, since my relaunch in January I have been looking at a lot of different ways to give back with my photography. While this is my business, it is also something I love to do, and something I can really use to give to those in need […]