Locks of Love Event

It’s that time of year, when I start planning all of my special charity events for next year! This one I’m going to need your help with! I’m looking to host a Locks of Love charity event next February, and I’m looking for both participants and sponsors. Here is what I have planned:

-All day event featuring snacks and music.
-Free haircut and styling for participants
-Free before and after portraits and 5×7 print for participants
-Free Locks of Love participation patch for participants (especially great for girl scouts!)
-On site raffle for a sterling silver Locks of Love necklace.

What I need from you, my awesome partners!
-Location large enough for one or two styling setups and portrait setup
-Salon partner and participating hairstylists willing to donate their time (I will gift them a free portrait session and 8×10 for their trouble)
-Sponsors of basically any kind.
-Participants willing to pledge 10 inches of their hair!

All partners and sponsors will be featured in marketing pieces and press releases!

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