It’s all about the bride. The special dress, all the effort and time that goes into how a bride looks on her wedding day. Everyone wants to see photos of the bride in her dress, but wedding day can be so hectic, that getting lots of beautiful portraits of a bride in her dress on her own can drop off of the priority list. Since many brides do hair and makeup trials before their wedding to ensure that they look their best, why not take it all the way? When you do your hair and makeup trial, put on that beautiful wedding dress and hire Faeye Photography to do a bridal mini session of you all put together. Bridal sessions used to be traditional, and have gone by the wayside in many places, but we’d love to see them brought back! We also offer a second bridal session option, where we accompany you to either dress shopping, or a dress fitting, to capture the moment that you and anyone you have with you see you in your chosen dress. Bridal Session pricing starts at $125 (or FREE for clients who have already signed a Faeye Photography wedding contract!) and includes:

  • Pre-Session Consult
  • Up to 2 hour Session in the Location of Your Choice
Holt, MI Bridal Session