So you have a fancy dress or costume hanging around your house. Whether it’s your wedding dress, a prom or homecoming dress, or a ballet costume, the event you needed it for is over, and you’re not afraid of getting it dirty anymore. Yeah, you were thinking of donating it to a worthy cause, but why not have a bit of fun with it first? Schedule a Wreck the Dress Session with Faeye Photography and let’s have a blast in that dress! All the cool photo ideas we couldn’t do when we were trying to keep the dress pristine; water, dirt, woods, the beach, whatever you want, let’s do it. The best part? If you were in a wedding shot by Faeye Photography (bride or bridesmaid!), or a Senior Session client, your Wreck the Dress Session is absolutely FREE! Did you hold on to your wedding dress for years but now you’re divorced and need a bit of closure? Let’s WRECK THAT DRESS! Wreck the Dress Sessions include:

  • Pre-Session Consult
  • 2 hour Session in the Location of Your Choice
  • 15 High Resolution Image Downloads
  • Free Travel up to 75 miles
Lansing, MI Wreck the Dress Session
Grand Rapids, MI Wreck the Dress Session